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Complete Revised Rules

International Team Championship

-Revised Rules-

1- Each team would have between 5 players to 10, players can be add to max 10 if you haven't this number. But you can't removed a player when written.

2- Each team would meet all the others teams.

3- Before each meeting, the team manager has to give the name of his players from 5 min to 7 max which should take part of the meeting. This line up should be send to me by PM on this website, till one day before the meeting.Backup players are allowed, you should precise them with the line up.
No one will know it till one day before the meeting. Of course, nobody can change the name of the player, when the list is known.
You should say clearly : match (1) 1vs1 : name of player, match (2) 1vs1 :name of the player, match (3) 1vs1 : name of the palyer , match (A) 2vs2 : names of the two players match ( : names of the two players.
From this official line up, all the matches where players are not present give defwin to the present player.

4- The meeting can be played on the week-end (best), but special meeting during the week can be done. Just tell me and send line up.

5- One player can only plays two matches during the meeting (in 1vs1 and/or 2vs2)
6- During the meeting : all matches are in BO3 with three 1vs1 and two 2vs2. For the 1vs1 and 2vs2, the winner of one round (so in bo3) should change of heros for the next round. For the 2vs2, the final composition can be the same anyway for the winner team (means they just turn their heros between them)

7- For the map : classical map for 1vs1 and 2vs2 (deliver by Relic). Before each round, one team choose the map, next map is the choice of the other team.
for a third round : it should be imposed for 1vs1 : green tooth gorge
for 2vs2 : calderis reffinery

8- Each match bring 1 point.
The winner team is the team which has the most amount of point. It's bringing to this team 1 point for the championship. If the team wins during the meeting the whole matches (so 5:0), it will bring 0.5 point of bonus for the championship.

Winner team of the championship : the team which has the most amount of point.If equality, one more meeting can be launch

-How can I play ?-

You should have a team manager for your country. This team manager has to choose between 5 to 10 players.
If you decide to fuse some countries (as Sweeden/Finland/Norway for example or Austria Swizerland or Oceanic team with Australia/NZ etc.. It's possible but ask before.
Anybody can be team manager, he can or not be one of the 10 players
The team manager is free to do his selection as he wants. The best is to do a small championship in your country to select your team, but you're obliged.
You should sign up Here : mean the team manager should present all his players here.
You should be add to the steam group and put all your team member here too: DoW2 international team Championship.
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