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International Cup of Coffee Tournament

Dawn of War 2

1. Tournament Eligibility
The tournament "International Cup of Coffee " is open to all players over the world, who have reached the legal age of majority in their country of residence (18 years in France). In the case of players who have not yet reached the age of majority in their country, and therefore by definition "minor", however they can participate in the tournament on the condition of having more than 13 years in the first days of the Tournament "International Cup of Coffee" and that the legal autority (parents, ...) have read and approved this rules.

2. Disclaimer of Liability
Réseau Jeux-Strategie.com, represented by the site Jeux-strategie.com can not be held responsible for non compliance by a player eligibility rules in the Tournament. By entering, participants say so on the honor fulfill these conditions. Any player without the eligibility criteria for the event described in Article 1 of these rules will be immediately disqualified and, therefore, will not receive any prize.

3. Tournament date and prerequisites registration:
Registration will be from now, till Friday 14th of October 2011. The brackets will be given Friday night at 21.00 (gmt+1).
Tournament'll start Saturday 15 th of october 2011 at 20.00 (gmt+1).
If more than 16 players, the manager of this tournament can decide to play the tournament in two times : 15th saturday and 16th Sunday.

You must have an account and sign up here

It is carried via the portal Steam at the following address: steamcommunity.com/groups/TDoW2JS

Thank you to indicate your login Steam

Software required: - Steam and join the group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TDoW2JS
Dawn of War 2: Retribution

4. How it plays?
4.0 : It is a 1vs1 tournament

4.1 : It will be played with the system of winner/looser brackets. The winner bracket will be played in Best of 3, the looser bracket in best of 1 till the final of the looser brackets.
Winner of the looser bracket and winner of the winner bracket will fight in a BO3.

4.2 : During a BO3, if you win one round if a hero, you can't use it till the end of this BO3, but you can stay on the same race.

4.3 : All official maps are allowed. In BO3, the top player (given by the tree) choose for the first round, the bottom player choose for the second.
For last round of BO3 or BO1 , the default map is "Rafinery of Calderis", except if the two players are agreed for another official map.

Prizes will be given, if more than 12 players
The winner will take 150 euros in his pocket, the second 100 euros and the third 50 euros.
Payement will be for outsiders of France by Paypal, insiders of France by bank tranfers.

6. Exclusion clause
Any player caught cheating, or insulting his opponent will be disqualified immediately. If cheating or insult was seen in hindsight, after the tournament, the offending player éliminitation be observed, and his prize (if he's got) will be given to his follower.

I hereby declare to have read of these rules and meet the eligibility requirements.
Participate in the tournament!

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