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Exclusive Interview Supreme Commander

Par Docrate - Edition du : Wednesday 28 September 2005 - Créé le : Wednesday 28 September 2005


Jeux-Strategie.com : Will the resources managing system production/consumption, no interruption in the constructions, ...) be the same one as in Total Annihilation or will it be more classic like the Command & Conquer or Warcraft?

Chris Taylor – I personally really like what I call the “infinite resource” model. This is a system which allows the player to establish resource collecting units and then not have to worry about them (unless of course they are attacked and destroyed). The other part of the economy that I like is the ability to start the construction of a unit before all of the necessary resources are available.

JS : Will the diversity of units be as impressive as in Total Annihilation?

CT – Absolutely, and with the addition of massive units which are many times larger, players will get to experience games where small units can run between the legs of massive “experimental” units. It’s really great to see the way the engine allows for a brand new experience.

JS : On which points do you really put more emphasis? The ease to make multiple actions in little time (the interface)? The AI of the units? The pathfinding? ...

CT – I think the full “theatre of war” strategic view is one of the biggest features in the game. After that it is the massive scope and scale of the whole game experience. The UI plays a very important part of the way the whole thing comes together, and is necessary to make large scale battles happen in a fun and convenient way.


JS : Will the technology tree be more complex than the one in Total Annihilation (level 1 and level 2)?

CT – Complexity is something we kept a close eye on while designing the game, and have worked hard to keep to a minimum. Most players who like RTS games should be able to jump right in and start playing with minimal learning curve.

JS : Do you have great ambitions for the multiplayer mode (galaxy wars like boneyards?) or do you concentrate rather on the so-lo player mode (campaigns)?

CT – We have a very balanced development plan to support both the single player campaign (including the traditional skirmish mode where a player can set up a battle against an AI opponent) and what many have come to expect as a fully featured multiplayer mode. We have some cool stuff that nobody has seen before in our multiplayer game that we’ll roll out early next year.

JS : Total Annihilation was greatly reproached for its lack of "background", absence of video between the missions, .... Are you planning to deal with it in your next title?

CT – We have a very healthy budget for developing our video sequences, but philosophically still believe that we should spend the bulk of the development budget on the game itself.


JS : Do you plan to leave to the player a camera that can be completely moved around?

CT – The camera can be zoomed all the way out for what we call the “strategic view”. The angle of the view can also be adjusted. Since the game is strategic, we expect that most players will leave the camera pretty close to the top-down view for most of the game.

JS : Will Supreme Commander have the notion of climate (rain, snow) as well as a day/night cycle?

CT – Instead of weather, our focus is on interesting terrain, a variety of cool planet types, huge maps (ok, more like enormously huge maps, but don’t worry, we have a variety of smaller maps for those who like quick 30 minute games) with lots of options for land, air and sea battles.

JS : A question that many fans are asking on our forums: When will we have more information about the game, especially the first Supreme Commander's video?

CT – We’ll likely release something during E3 next spring, that’s the best bet!
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